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“Document, don’t create”

In a nutshell

  • Youtube: +300k Subscribers, +1k videos, +28m views
  • Facebook: +1m likes
  • Twitter: +1,3m followers, +24k likes, +145k tweets
  • Instagram: +550k followers, +1,5k photos

Who is GaryVee?

Gary Vaynerchuk or GaryVee (on social media) is what we commonly call a hustler in the startup world.

Born in an immigrant family from the Soviet Union who moved to New York. He started his entrepreneurial life really young and made his first personal success by selling baseball cards.

Later on, working for his dad, he took over the business and grew it from 3 million to 60 million. He has now his own company Vayner Media, a media digital agency. He travels around the world to give conferences and for his job, sharing his passion and motivating people.

“White spaces”

He said it himself he is not a visionary, he is not a tech guy, he is a business man. He takes advantage of the “white spaces” of the time he lives in. During his career, he made good investments such as Twitter but also passed on good ones such as Uber.

What are the “white spaces”?

An example of his early life, in 1996, he pushes his father to build a business website. At that time, he was one of the first business to have one.

For his [winelibrary site] ( , he bought the word “wine” in adwords for 5p and keep it during 8 months before someone started to bid over him on it.

In 1998, he put in place a newsletter. The opening rate was 98%. At that time nobody was receiving email so everything was opened.

This is what GaryVee consider as “white spaces”, the fact of living in your time to get attention. He took all this experience and built [Vayner Media] ( where he pushes and extorts companies to think differently on how to spend their money on advertising.

Where can you find him/her?

This is the list of his different accounts. Each one of them has his uniqueness, a way of sharing information adapted to this media but they are all interconnected.
It will give you ideas on how to document instead of creating.

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First video to get to know GaryVee

I discovered him with the following video and after watching some of them, I think this one represents him, his authenticity and veracity.

Why is GaryVee important to product managers?

He is an example in terms of brand and product

Gary Vee is a master of brand and product. He is himself his product (weird sentence). He knows his strengths and his weaknesses and capitalize on it. He also knows how to take advantages of the current ecosystem to make his product grow.

As a product marketer or a growth hacker, you should be inspired by the way he uses social media on a daily basis. He is on Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Youtube and at the same time adapts his content depending on the platform.

He uses them on their uniqueness and portrait his product and knows how to play with each audiences to attract and grow his brand.
By following him, you will find inspiration on a daily basis to “document” your product and the message to your users/clients.

He can help you transform your product from vitamin to painkiller *

Being in product management is finding what people value, it’s finding the right product fit/market fit. It’s also finding ways to transform your product from a vitamin to a painkiller.

Companies and some business owners still believe in the old reputation of certain apps.Believe that brands are just for show. That you shouldn’t use social media to grow and be viral. They may think that Facebook is for kids, or they may say “Why do I need to advertise on Snapchat, only my daughter uses that!”.
Change is difficult and people like to stay with what they know.

Everyone knows that they are fundamentally wrong but it can be hard to convince them. GaryVee’s videos are full of content which I find really useful for my daily life and brings a lot of argument on the table.

He can help you grow as a person and your skills

GaryVee is not only a social media marketing “guru”, he is also a successful entrepreneur and someone who followed his passion. He is a motivator and this is why by following him, I could find a way to talk about myself and document my life/job (as he says)

I could find strategy for this community but also for my personal blog. There is a gap between the recipe and how to operate it, but it’s a work that we have to do to succeed…

GaryVee gives you the recipe, the ingredients and the material to work on it. So use his videos to develop your own content and learn from him.

If you want to discuss, I will love that. If you don’t agree, that’s even better, let's challenge each other!
I would love to meet you and discuss about your product or what you want for yourself as a product manager.

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